The Association

Bulgarian Association, Rila "is a registered company with the ideal purpose in the court in the town of Bremen under the name RILA Bremen e.v.

The company aims to create a healthy Bulgarian community. To gather Bulgarians to help them integrate. To lead the Bulgarian school "I am Bulgarian", where children can learn their language and know their roots.

Managing Board of Rila Association

Yordanka Zaharieva - Chairman

Elica Cheng - Deputy Chairman

Members: Georgi Georgiev

Our activities

January 1 - New Year

March 1 - Baba Martha


March 3 - Bulgaria's Liberation Day from Ottoman rule.

2018, 2019

Easter - The Christian religion marks the Resurrection of Christ.


May 6 - St. George's Day, Courage Day and the Bulgarian Army.


May 24 - The Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Literature.


September 6 - Unification of Bulgaria.

September 22 - Independence Day of Bulgaria.

24, 25, 26 December - Christmas.